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Dr. Abid Hussain, M.D.

Abid Hussain, M.D.

Dr. Abid Hussain is a highly qualified and experienced physician dedicated to helping patients achieve their health goals. With a focus on preventive medicine, Dr. Hussain and his care team strive to diagnose, treat, and prevent a wide range of health conditions. As a board-certified internal medicine specialist, he offers expert care in Hemet, CA.

Dr. Hussain received his medical education from Punjab Medical College, University of the Punjab, graduating in 1986. With decades of experience, he has developed a deep understanding of patient care beyond mere symptom management. Dr. Hussain believes in providing whole person care, addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of his patients.

At Abid Hussain MD, a variety of services are available to address your health concerns. Dr. Hussain specializes in board-certified internal medicine, geriatric health, and family health. Whether you need treatment for chronic conditions, such as diabetes or cholesterol problems, or are seeking care for acute illnesses, asthma, or any infection, Dr. Hussain and his team are here to help.

Dr. Abid Hussain’s practice offers a range of medical specialties to ensure comprehensive care for his patients. These specialties include chronic condition management, cardiology, diabetes, sleep medicine, and sports medicine. Dr. Hussain’s expertise extends to the treatment of congestive heart failure, hypertension, and heart disease, providing his patients with well-rounded care.

For over 21 years, Dr. Abid Hussain has been serving the Hemet community, including the neighboring areas of San Jacinto and Riverside County. His practice welcomes patients of all ages, from young adults to seniors, providing primary health care services tailored to individual needs. From physical exams to the treatment of injuries, illnesses, and chronic conditions, Dr. Hussain is committed to ensuring the well-being of his patients.

In addition to primary care, Dr. Hussain offers comprehensive physical examinations to assess your overall health. Whether you require a sports physical, employment-related examination, or an annual check-up, Dr. Hussain and his team are here to provide thorough assessments and personalized care.

Dr. Abid Hussain is affiliated with renowned medical facilities in the area, including Hemet Valley Medical Center, Hemet Global Medical Center, Menifee Valley Hospital, and Menifee Global Medical Center. As a trusted member of the Hemet Community Medical Group, Dr. Hussain is committed to delivering high-quality care to his patients.

To accommodate patients’ needs, Dr. Hussain offers telehealth appointments upon request. This convenient option allows patients to connect with him remotely for consultations or follow-up visits, saving time and ensuring continuity of care.

Fluent in three languages, English, Spanish, and Urdu, he strives to make his patients feel comfortable and understood during their visits.

Dr. Abid Hussain works with various insurance providers to ensure accessibility for as many patients as possible. Please contact the office to inquire about specific insurance plans and coverage.

Dr. Abid Hussain is currently accepting new patients.